"Free Training! How To Cherry Pick High-Converting Affiliate Offers Paying You 50%-100% Commissions"

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What Converts Right Now?

If you're brand new to internet marketing or just afraid to make a mistake, below I've compiled a toplist of high-converting offers that have made 6-figures or more this year. My results are not a guarantee of income. I'm just sharing my results and my income streams with you. Do your own due diligene to decide whether or not you'd like to use these same income streams for yourself. I revisit this list often, so bookmark this page and review it once a month or so, if you'd like to know what's converting for me at all times.

  • #1 HIGHEST
    I have just crossed $211,769.65 in commissions with Dean Holland's InternetProfits affiliate program. To date, this is the highest-converting offer I've ever promoted, because it earns me over $46.00 for every click I sent to it. This is about 46 times greater than a “good” affiliate program is supposed to produce. To say this program is converting at “above average” rate is to not give it justice. I believe it converts so well, because it gives the market what it wants. The offer is just really-really good. The downside to this program is that to become a partner, there's a one-time fee. The upside is tremendous however. Aside from high conversions, you get a special affiliate link that closes high-ticket sales (paying up to $3,000 in commissions) for promoting free items (a book and a webinar), so there's no personal selling required from you. If you're brand new to affiliate marketing, I can't recommend this program highly-enough to you, because it stands out from all the programs out there. If you're experienced like me, I can only expect it should be very easy for you to promote this program like it is for me. Learn more about Dean Holland's InternetProfits here. Almost forgot, this program also offers more than “an affiliate offer.” You’re getting a complete online business to go with it. Hence the entry fee requirements and the exclusivity, because you can’t stumble into this program. You have to be invited. You can use my invite link by clicking here.
  • #2 HIGHEST
    There are several reasons why I recommend you promote John Thornhill’s $1,346,342 Clickbank super-funnel. Generally, I don’t recommend Clickbank offers, but this one’s different for several reasons. First, this is not an offer. This is a super-funnel containing dozens of offers with a strong appeal to its target market. What this means to you and me -- it makes multiple commissions from 1 visitor rather than making 1 commission per 1 visitor, like other Clickbank offers. First promo I ran for this super-funnel made me 40 sales at $500 each from just 1722 hops to my affiliate link. That was great. But then it got better, when the super-funnel kicked in and I kept seeing more passive commissions over the next 6 months. Now I wake up to new commissions in my Clickbank account from clicks I sent months ago. Truly incredible feeling. With this super-funnel I can expect to continuously make money long after I run traffic to my link. But the best part is - I build my own email list. Yes, this is a super-funnel and yes it’s totally automated. But these are my leads. So I can use it to build my own money-making asset. I highly recommend promoting this program to affiliates who are just getting started.
  • #3 HIGHEST
    What made me fall in love with affiliate marketing is the fast cashflow. Unlike real estate investing or stock market trading that require capital and time to make money, affiliate marketing produces cash flow on demand, if done right. But it comes with a downside of unpredictability, because each affiliate promotion is it’s own event, isolated from the ones that come before it. So even if you made some money this week, you could be dipping into your savings the next. This is why I recommend building an email list, so you can produce traffic on demand and guarantee a consistent flow of new leads and customers. This is where the 100K Apprentice affiliate program comes in. Besides giving you an opportunity to make up to $997 per sale, it also builds your email list for you, helps you with traffic and supports you with a ton of done-for-you assets that are absolutely priceless for beginners who don’t know how to build their own email list and sales funnels. I’ve made $157,281.90 with this affiliate program, but I also built a huge email list and enjoyed lots of free time in the process due to being provided with done-for-me sites, pages, campaigns and more that made my life easier. They can make your life easier too. Get details about 100K Apprentice here.

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